Computer Aided Sperm Analysis


medeaLAB CASA is a well established system for standardized sperm analysis which has been installed in more than 15 countries worldwide. Semi-automatic sperm analysis is performed according to WHO standards, focusing on routine requirements in human reproductive medicine. The basic module “medeaLAB Concentration & Motility” is complemented by the medeaLAB Morphology Analyzer.




  • Generation of a complete spermiogram within a few seconds
  • Video recording and storage for re-analysis of sperm samples
  • Works on positive phase contrast, no special objective required
  • Accurate discrimination between sperm and non-sperm cells by multi-parametric filters (tail detector etc.)
  • High resolution mode for morphology analysis
  • Self-learning morphology analyzer, no adjustment of filters necessary
  • Analysis of external videos for inter-laboratory QC testing
  • MS Excel export of motility / concentration data for further analysis
  • Attractive price, reliable after-sales service
  • Hardcopy report layout in different languages (German, English, Greek, Chinese, etc.)

medeaLAB Concentration & Motility

Display / calculation of

  • Sperm concentration in mill/ml
  • Concentration of progressively motile sperm in mill/ml
  • WHO motility grades a, b, c, d in percent (old classification)
  • WHO motility progressive / local / immotile in percent (new classification)
  • VCL (curvilinear velocity) in µm/sec
  • VSL (straight-line velocity) in µm/sec
  • VAP (average path velocity) in µm/sec
  • WOB (wobble = VAP/VCL)
  • ALH (amplitude of lateral head displacement) in µm



medeaLAB Morphology Analyzer

Display / calculation of

  • Exact morphometry data for each individual sperm
  • Total number of analyzed sperm cells
  • % normal forms
  • % head abnormalities
  • % midpiece abnormalities
  • % tail abnormalities
  • % abnormalities of head and midpiece
  • % abnormalities of head and tail
  • % abnormalities of midpiece and tail
  • % abnormalities of head, midpiece and tail


The Morphology Analyzer is self-learning, no manual adjustment of morphology classes or filters necessary!



medeaLAB Components


Upright phase contrast microscope with 10x and 40x objectives and trinocular tube

Heating system for the microscope (optional, recommended by the WHO)

High resolution USB2 digital camera

Software medeaLAB Concentration and Motility

Software medeaLAB Morphology Analyzer (optional)



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