MVE Vapor phase storage tanks

Maximum capacity, maximum safety, minimum temperature

MVE Vapor phase storage tanks

The MVE Highe Efficiency (HE) / Vapor series is designed for the user who needs everything low temperature vapor phase storage at -150 or even -190C, easy maintenance, high degree of automation and low liquid nitrogen consumption.


The offset neck and rotating tray design provides easy access to all stored samples. The TEC 3000 control system combined with extremely high storage capacities makes the HE series the most reliable and cost efficient product.


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Features MVE TEC 3000 control system

  • Liquid nitrogen level measurement
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen level control in coaction with Eurocyl (Link) supply tanks
  • Two channel temperature measurement
  • Multiple-use adjustable alarms (high level, low level, high temperature, low temperature etc.)
  • Battery backup (optional)



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