OCTAX Laser Shot for Research

Efficient mouse transgenesis

OCTAX Laser Shot™ biomedical

Happy 10th anniversary to the world´s first digital laser system OCTAX Laser Shot™! Designed by the pioneers of infrared laser technology for safe zona microdrilling, the precision and reliability of the OCTAX Laser Shot™ system has been the solid ground for becoming the world´s most used laser system in human ART. Its reliability, precision and ease of use are highly appreciated in laser-assisted transgenic animal work.


OCTAX Laser Shot™ is used for laser-assisted applications by leading centers in the field. A primary application is ES cell injection into mouse embryos which helps to improve efficiency of mouse transgenesis. Recently, laser-assisted IVF has also become a prominent application.


Operation of OCTAX Laser Shot™ has been optimized for convenient and time-saving routine use. The system includes the OCTAX high quality USB2.0 camera in space-saving design and a multi-purpose software with integrated database for movies and images.


The optional OCTAX Target pointer™ can be added to visualize the laser target through the eye pieces of the microscope. The target site is labelled by a red LED irrespective of the objective in use. OCTAX Laser Shot™ with OCTAX Target pointer™: ideal for high troughput applications!




  • Most efficient laser system worldwide
  • Adaptable to DIC contrast for highest image quality
  • Highest image quality
  • Highest reliability
  • Optical versatility: 25x and 40x laser lens
Components of OCTAX Laser Shot System

Accessories and upgrades:

OCTAX Target pointer™: indicates laser target in the eyepiece

OCTAX motorized and heated stage insert: precise µm movements within a heated xy-table

OCTAX heated frame™ for specimen holders, perfect and most flexible heating of your dishes

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